Error Codes

Descriptions for various error codes

FBI Error Codes

HTTP - 400 Bad Request

This error can occur due to various reasons. If after multiple retries you still get this error, join our Discord server for more support.

HTTP - 403 Forbidden

The QR Code / Download link has expired. Please generate a new one by revisiting the page with the download button. Upon clicking the download button, you will have see a QR Code and direct download link that will be valid for 3 hours. If this did not help, make sure that FBI is up to date (the latest version is 2.6.1). Older versions will not be able to download from hShop!

HTTP - 404 Not Found

The requested link was not found. If you believe this is an error, join our Discord server for help.

HTTP - Request timed out

This error indicates that the request your 3DS made to download a CIA timed out, because it took too long for the server to respond. Usually, this is a network-related issue on your end (and sometimes on our end).

You can try:

  • Getting closer to your WiFi router
  • Limiting network usage on other devices / temporarily disconecting unused devices from your network, to free up bandwidth for downloads
  • Manually downloading the content. Please refer to this page for more information.

HTTP - Network unavailable

Your 3DS is not connected to the internet. Connect to a network and try again.

FS - Partition Full / Misaligned Size / Out of resource

Your SD Card is full. Delete unused titles to free up space to download more, or upgrade to a larger SD Card.

FS - FAT operation denied

Your SD Card is on the verge of death and has put itself into read-only mode to avoid data loss / corruption. Please back up your data and replace the card as soon as possible.

FS - Bus error / TWL partition invalid

Your SD Card is most likely corrupted. You can check it using these guides:

AM - Bad data, Cert signature or hash check failed, Invalid NCCH

Please join our Discord server to report the issue. Make sure to include the Name and Region of the content.

AM - Not supported

You are attempting to install New Nintendo 3DS exclusive content on a regular Nintendo 3DS ("Old" Nintendo 3DS). Examples for these titles are: Fire Emblem: Warriors, Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition, Runbow Pocket, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and SNES Virtual Console titles.

Invalid state, Invalid Argument, Wrong Argument

This is a generic error. If after multiple failed attempts at installing the content you still get this error, please check your SD Card for corruption using these guides:

Luma3DS Error Codes

Process name: loader

Open FBI, and navigate to "Titles". Wait for the list to populate, then select the problematic title and select "Import Seed". Keep in mind that you have to be connected to the internet for this process to work.

Debug Event, Translation - Section

The installed content is corrupt. Please try reinstalling the content.

Official Error Codes

These error codes are mostly related to the eShop and other official online services.


Your system contains a bad ticket for the content you're trying to update. Uninstall the ticket in FBI, and try again. If that also fails, try to locate an Update CIA for the content.

007-2913, 009-2913

The eShop servers are currently down. Try again later.

007-2920, 009-2920

This error means that an eShop download failed, or that your system contains a bad ticket for the content that you're trying to download or update. Delete the ticket and try again, or locate an Update CIA.