3hs Release

After more than a year of work and many requests, we are releasing our own 3DS client for hShop.

3hs release

In development for over a year, this was one of the most requested features. Introducing 3hs, a new way to interact with hShop on your 3DS system.

3hs allows you to install content from hShop on your 3DS system directly, omitting the need to use FBI and the website. This means you no longer have to scan QR codes or use CIA files to install content from hShop.

Main features

  • User-friendly and simple menus like the site
  • Ability to automatically or manually manage locale emulation
  • Ability to scan for and install missing updates and DLC for installed titles
  • Ability to resume downloads affected by network interruptions or poor signal strength
  • Multiple languages: 3hs supports English, Dutch, German, and Spanish
  • Queue system to install multiple titles
  • Automatic importing of seeds for titles that require them (no more “loader” exception errors at startup)

A QR code to download 3hs using FBI can be found here.

Added: 27-05-2022 09:53 UTC

Updated: 27-05-2022 09:53 UTC