The better way to install hShop content on a 3DS.

3hs at a glance

What is 3hs?

3hs is a brand new application developed from the ground up and designed to allow installing content from hShop on your 3DS directly, omitting the need to use FBI every time.

Why should I use 3hs instead of FBI?

3hs downloads from hShop directly. This means you no longer have to scan QR codes or use CIA files to install content from hShop. 3hs achieves speeds that have been measured to match and even exceed FBI.

Is this safe?

Absolutely. 3hs is free and open source software so if you have privacy or security concerns, you can check the source code yourself to make sure. 3hs is and will be free. Forever.

How do I get started with 3hs?

Before you can install 3hs, you need to make sure your console has CFW. This is required to install any content on hShop, regardless of whether or not you're using 3hs. You can find a trusted, always up-to-date guide on how to install CFW here: 3ds.hacks.guide
Then, see the section belowto the right to install 3hs.

Main features

  • User-friendly and simple menus like the site
  • Ability to sort content anywhere using L/R trigger buttons
  • Ability to install content while the lid is closed (and for O2DS systems, when the sleep switch is active)
  • Ability to automatically extract files inside "installer" applications (for example: theme installers), so that multiple can be installed at once
  • Ability to automatically or manually manage locale emulation
  • Ability to scan for and install missing updates and DLC for installed titles
  • Ability to resume downloads affected by network interruptions or poor signal strength
  • Queue system to install multiple titles
  • Automatic importing of seeds for titles that require them
  • Multiple languages. 3hs supports:

    • English
    • Dutch (Nederlands)
    • German (Deutsch)
    • Spanish (Español)
    • French (France, Français) and French (Canada, Français)
    • Romanian (Română)
    • Italian (Italiano)
    • Portuguese (Português)
    • Korean (한국어, requires a Korean system font)
    • Greek (Ελληνικά)
    • Polish (Polski)
    • Hungarian (Magyar)
    • Japanese (Japan, 日本語), Japanese (Osaka, 大阪弁) and Ryukyuan (Okinawa, 琉球諸語)
    • Russian (Русский)
    • Spearglish (Old English)
    • Latvian (Latviešu)
    • Moldovan (Молдовеняскэ)

Download 3hs

You can download 3hs (or its source code) by using your preferred method below.

The QR code to be used for downloading 3hs on a 3DS via FBI.

3hs 1.3.1 "libere dorme"

  • Make LED turn red/green after installs when the lid is closed depending on success of installation
  • Fix error "0xD8A08012" when a download was cancelled
  • Fix demos being detected as missing content
  • Fix queue "install all" button being easy to accidentally press when you want to access the queue
  • Add Japanese (Osaka dialect) translation
  • Add Moldovan translation
  • General stability improvements to enhance the user experience

Past releases

Version 1.3.0 "libere dorme"

  • Fix functionality of "find all missing"
  • Fix issue where a large queue could not be installed
  • Add ability to reset settings by pressing R on startup or R in settings
  • Add text showing which game error belongs to in queue error replay
  • Add ability to download & install while in sleep mode
  • Add ability to directly install themes to the SD card
  • Add ability to sort titles
  • Add Hungarian translation
  • Add Polish translation
  • Add Japanese translation
  • Add Russian translation
  • Add Spearglish (Old English) translation
  • Add Ryukyuan translation
  • Add Latvian translation

Version 1.2.0 "cotidie morimur"

  • Make text wrapping not use hyphens
  • Make long texts in lists scroll horizontally
  • Fix issue where text search query data would get cut off
  • Fix "base game missing" message for system title DLC & updates
  • Fix some wrapping issues on Korean systems
  • Fix Romanian not being detected
  • Fix common occurrence of the "server didn't return status 200" error
  • Add French (Canada) translation
  • Add Italian translation
  • Add Portuguese translation
  • Add Korean translation
  • Add Greek translation
  • Add searching using a title ID
  • Add searching using a legacy search query
  • Add toggles in settings menu to replace value true/false
  • Add ability to add an item to the queue from extended metadata

Version 1.1.0 "aeraria"

  • fix issue where NAND titles wouldn't be reinstallable
  • add Romanian translation
  • add French translation

Version 1.0.1 "aeraria"

  • additionally to initial release:
  • hotfix arm11 after title installation

Version 1.0.0 "aeraria"

  • Initial release


Main category selection screen.

Main category selection screen.