3hs music

Make 3hs more lively by adding music of your choice.

After many requests to make music playback a feature in 3hs, we have finally come forward and implemented it.

Since version 1.4.0, 3hs can now play back music files from the SD card.

Using the feature

3hs scans for music files in sd:/3ds/3hs/music. Supported file types are CWAV and HWAV.

To play music, open the three-lines menu and enter the "Music" section. From there, you can choose to play either a single track or a playlist.


CWAV, the format used in many other applications, does not support additional metadata to store information like the title and artist of a track. HWAV is a modified version of CWAV that can store such information by appending data after the CWAV header, in a way that does not break backwards-compatibility with other CWAV players. In short: HWAV can work as CWAV whilst also storing additional metadata.

HWAV can be generated:

  • from WAV files using our online HWAV generator
  • from most audio formats using 3hstool, a program for which source code is included with each release tarball.

Alternatively, CWAV can be generated by using bannertool (The authors of the mentioned software are not affiliated with us in any way).


Similar to other music players, 3hs supports creating playlists.

Playlists can be created within the music section. Additionally, you can select a playlist that will play as soon as 3hs starts.

Configuring the audio engine

Advanced configuration of the audio system can be done in either the music section or by directly editing sd:/3hs/audio.cfg. This file contains miscellaneous settings that change the way the audio system works.

Added: 07-12-2022 17:33 UTC

Updated: 23-02-2023 10:54 UTC