3DS eShop closure

Understand how the 3DS eShop closure affects hShop.


As you may have heard, the 3DS eShop is closing on the 27th of March. This means no more content can be purchased. This closure marks the end of an era for 3DS gaming and will change the landscape forever.

How does this affect hShop?

hShop does not rely on official services for content downloads, and all purchasable content is preserved. Rest assured that the 3DS eShop closure means absolutely nothing to us. Thanks to the efforts of many users who contributed to hShop, nothing was lost to time.

How will we go forward?

We will continue serving you when official support ceases to exist. All content abandoned on the 3DS eShop will always be available to download, free of charge, here on hShop.

Added: 27-03-2023 10:34 UTC

Updated: 27-03-2023 10:34 UTC