Missing content update

Find out what the latest missing content is.

Piratelegit content status

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions towards the missing piratelegit content list. As it stands, all official content on hShop has been migrated to piratelegit counterparts. (Not sure what that means? Read this wiki page to find out more).

As of 2022-08-11, the below content has been found.

The only remaining content

While we would like to achieve the goal of having 100% of official content to be (pirate)legit, some content has yet to be migrated.

The remaining content is the following:

0004000E0015D800 - IRONFALL INVASION Update data, version 1.1.0 (v1040)

Why we cannot get ahold of this content

As it turns out, this specific content contained an exploit allowing users to install CFW on their systems. As a result, it was promptly removed from the CDN (Content Delivery Network). Other than that, there is little information about this content (whether or not it had older versions, etc.).

How you can help

This content was removed a decent while ago. If you have a system that has been in use for a long time and has been used to download content from the eShop, you can check if you have the content installed.

If you do have the content installed, you can dump it and submit it to us. When dumping this content, please make sure to dump it as legit or piratelegit.

To submit the content, please join our Discord server.

Added: 28-07-2022 08:40 UTC

Updated: 25-08-2022 08:44 UTC