Using LumaLocaleSwitcher

Learn how to use LumaLocaleSwitcher to configure certain titles that require it.

Some titles require additional configuration to run properly.
Usually, titles that are out-of-region (not matching your console's region) should run just fine.
However, in some cases, the title will straight up refuse to launch or even crash your system.

How can I resolve these issues?

  • In case you're using 3hs:

    You won't need to take any additional steps by default, as 3hs will automatically configure this for you.

  • In case you're using FBI, custom-install or any other installation methods:

    Continue reading.

It's simple and should take less than 5 minutes to get your problematic title up and running.

The process makes use of a homebrew application called LumaLocaleSwitcher to trick the title into thinking that you are running a firmware with the correct region when that is not the case.

Getting started

  1. Enabling game patching in Luma3DS

    1. Turn off your console.
    2. Hold SELECT and press the power button while holding SELECT. This should open the Luma3DS configuration menu.
    3. On the top screen, you should see an option saying Enable game patching.
    4. Using the D-Pad, navigate to this option. On the left side, you should see a set of parentheses.
      If they aren't already checked (like this: (x)), press A to check it.
    5. Press START. This will save the settings and restart your system.
  2. Locale emulating the problematic title

    1. Download LumaLocaleSwitcher here.
      It is very important that you scan the QR or download the CIA for the nightly version!
    2. Open LumaLocaleSwitcher.
    3. Navigate to Titles.
    4. This step depends on the title you are doing this for.
      If the title in question also has update data and/or DLC, you should repeat this step for that content accordingly.
      Scroll through the title list and find the problematic title. Press A and change the Language and Region:
      • For North American (USA) titles: Region: USA, Language: EN (or other North American languages)
      • For European (EUR) titles: Region: EUR, Language: EN (or other European languages)
      • For Japanese (JPN) titles: Region: JPN, Language: JP
    5. Close LumaLocaleSwitcher and try launching the title again.

Known issues

  • The title still doesn't launch or crashes.

    Make sure you set the correct region and language.
    If you still cannot get it to function, please join our Discord server for further assistance.

  • The title does not use the language I set.

    The title does not support the language you have set. Your only choice is to use the title with the language it supports.

Added: 27-05-2022 09:52 UTC

Updated: 13-08-2022 18:48 UTC