Using hShop

Learn about how to use hShop to download content.

DISCLAIMER: The developers of custom-install are not affiliated with hShop.

Requirements for installing content from hShop

  • A system in the 3DS-family (includes 2DS), any model on any system version will work

  • Your system must be hacked and it must have CFW (Custom Firmware)

  • A network connection on your system

  • An SD/microSD card large enough to store the content you want to install

Wait, I have to hack my system?

As with anything you do yourself, there is always a risk involved.

However, these days, hacking your system and installing CFW is easier and safer than ever before.
Therefore, you don't need to worry about it. If can you follow the instructions carefully, there is next to no chance that something will go wrong.

Alright then, but how do I do it?

You can find an extensive, trusted, and regularly updated guide on hacking your system here:

What if my SD/microSD card is full or not large enough to store what I want to install?

Please refer to this Wiki Page.

Ways to install content from hShop

  1. Using 3hs:

    3hs is the best way to install content from hShop to your console. You can get 3hs here.

  2. QR code:

    The QR code is a way for you to download the content directly onto your 3DS using the homebrew title manager application called FBI.

    This is how you install content using FBI:

    1. Open FBI.

    2. Navigate to "Remote Install".

    3. Choose "Scan QR code".

    4. The camera preview should appear on the top screen. Position your system's outer cameras close to the QR code to scan it. If you are unable to scan the QR code because it's not being recognized, try wiping your cameras with a cloth to remove any dirt preventing you from scanning the QR code.

    5. Press A when you're prompted to begin the installation.
  3. "Direct Download" button:

    This button enables you to directly download the .cia file from hShop onto whichever device you're using to access the hShop website. It is useful when you want to install multiple .cia files using a tool like custom-install.

  4. Using custom-install

    You can find out more about custom-install here.

  5. Manual Installation:

    This method involves installing using the .cia files obtained by clicking the "Direct Download" button. However, this is only possible if you have an SD/microSD card reader or if you know how to use FTP.

    1. Download the .cia file for the content you want to install.

    2. Plug your SD/microSD card into the device you downloaded the .cia file onto.

    3. Copy the .cia file onto your SD/microSD card.

    4. IMPORTANT: Safely unmount/eject the SD/microSD card.

    5. Insert the SD/microSD card back into your system.

    6. Open FBI and navigate to "SD Card".

    7. Navigate to the folder you copied the .cia file to and press A on it.

    8. Choose "Install and delete CIA" to install the .cia and delete it afterwards. If you'd like to keep the file after installing, you can choose the "Install CIA" option instead.

    9. Wait for the installation to finish. After that, upon exiting FBI, you should see the content wrapped up as a present on your HOME Menu.

Added: 27-05-2022 09:53 UTC

Updated: 27-05-2022 09:53 UTC